Tesla Wants To Change The Way The World Uses Energy

Tesla submitted the proposal to lower the energy bill: why stop homes and businesses rely entirely on electric power. A battery line, which can be powered with solar panels, and is designed to store and consume electricity in homes and small businesses.

Tesla Energy is a set of batteries for homes, businesses and public services that promote clean energy ecosystem. Elon Musk Tesla CEO says that this transition is not impossible, “We have done similar things in the past.” He also noted that this will benefit the poorest communities or in remote areas.

But the autonomy of these batteries, come in summer to the US, is still very limited, about two hours with the home use that’s fully operational.

“Our aim is to totally transform the world’s energy infrastructure to be fully sustainable and without producing carbon emissions,” Musk said.

Tesla powerwall is a lithium-ion battery and is designed to be fixed to the wall of a house or garage and is equipped with photovoltaic panels completely independent from traditional energy systems. It also supports high and low temperatures so it can be installed anywhere at any time of year. The battery can be used in case of power failure or, for example, when consumption peaks are higher, so that would mean bigger savings on the bill. In addition, you can store solar energy during the day for use at night.

The cost of these will be $ 3,500 and will go on sale in the US in the summer of this year and in the world by 2016, although you can start pre-ordering. The price does not include installation or the cost of solar panels, but will be connected to the Internet, so Tesla Energy will constantly be monitoring their use.

The battery could play “similar to the way mobile phones have replaced paper landlines,” said Musk for which powerwall “will be a big step for the poorest communities of the world” because “it eliminates the need for electrical networks” .

“We want to change the way the world uses energy,” he said the inventor turned entrepreneur, in which many see a successor to Steve Jobs.

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Choosing The Name For Your Business: Go From Less To More, In A Process Of Evolution

Several times I had to choose names for various businesses and it is indeed a very stressful process that requires creativity.

Often also, when we find the perfect name, someone else already has it in his possession.

There are several tips for choosing the perfect name but now I want to concentrate on a central and basic business aspect of a name and that is:

The name of a business is always evolving and changing.

Even if the big brands, who at one time were smaller than your business, there is a natural evolution in time of the business name. For us to find a name for our business, we must, therefore, take into account this evolution and what it will be and how it can affect the company:

1. In the beginning, it is not bad that our name is too long. A basic advice is that the name of your business should be short but having a long one in the beginning need not be a disadvantage. Usually companies go through a lot of name changes and having a long on from the start can guarantee you a lot of options when shortening it.

2. The name must be flexible enough to adapt to changes. Here, the ideal are abstract words because the name can be maintained despite changing our business go.

If all the words of our name are related to an activity, it may happen that a change of activity in our company may in fact, lose the investment we have made in the name. Of course, it’s always an option to use the acronym that ultimately do not say anything but we come to identify.

3. Keep it simple and unique. Remember that simplicity is the key to a good name and never lose sight of your goal, which is to differentiate yourself from other businesses. Thus verifies that your name is not confused with the other and that includes commercial, legal (brand) and internet (web domains) research. A perfect example for this one is Prosyn, a London IT Support Company in London. Their name is short, highly original and easily remembered by people.

Patience and good humor are needed to choose the name of your business, is a complex process that often depends on a spark of creativity that happen when you are least expect it.

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system fail situation in network server room

Externalization: Outsourcing Information Systems Of Your Company

The outsourcing of information systems and outsourcing of IT, is when its department and related information technologies in the company, like staff resources, are assisted by a specialized independent IT company, which provides all this support in the management and operation of the computer systems, installation, maintenance and improvement thereof of each of the businesses.

The outsourced management of information systems may, in some way, help businesses become competitive in their start up, especially when its industry is not directly related to automation and information technology issues. Besides the responsibility for omissions and/or errors of information would fall on another company whose sole expertise is managing your IT department

One of the advantages of outsourcing your IT is that it “facilitates access to specialized IT management; as the supplier is in a better position to select, train and manage staff in a technological position. Thus, the client accesses the expertise of high-level specialists not belonging to its workforce.”

In the nineties with the tech boom, computers was common for large companies, they rented machines to process information under the term timeshare services; however, to evolve technologically, management information and process automation companies understand that data and the amount of information they handle is as important as confidential for competitive development in a sector.

Entrusting the entire information system of a company in outsourcing is not always advantageous, because who else knows the ins and outs of the organization and who better understands how to handle their data but none other than themselves. But with that being said you can never just set aside the good that is brought upon your company when you outsource your IT. More information on the benefits of outsourcing your IT by clicking here.

This type of outsourcing contracts of information systems needs a particular care and eye on details. Companies that hire these outsourced services should not rely so all such data that interfere with the functions and vital operations in the organization. These contracts should at least be subject to customer databases, accompanied by confidentiality clauses and insurance policies.

A company that decides to hire another to handle their information systems should never lose the overall internal control.

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